Lancaster Chapter

We are Empowering kids to overcome their obstacles and chase their dreams.

Sept. 9 - Sept. 30

Sept. 30 - Nov. 8


November 9


An activity based character development program that functions for 6 weeks, 2 times a week at each participating school site. Designed for all skill and ability levels through a team based atmosphere to build confidence through fun games and challenges while giving them the tools to learn how to overcome their obstacles and chase their dreams.


The Dream Chaser Challenge is our end of season obstacle course challenge. As a team participants challenge the course, linking arms and encouraging one another, implementing the essence of team as they complete the challenge together. The Dream Chaser Challenge is designed for participants to recognize the importance of the right team around them in life and their ability to overcome their obstacles and chase big dreams.


I have lived in Lancaster county for the last 21 years, over that time, I have volunteered working with youth in different capacities, mostly coaching . Last year I lost my father and hero. One thing that has stuck with me is that he impacted every person he came in contact with and was always encouraging, always positive, always serving others. During this past year as I was grieving, I was introduced to Dream Chasers Organization and Immediately realized that what we teach young boys is very similar to what I learned from my dad. It wasn't at a young age and it wasn't in a short period of time, but over a 40 year span that I learned from my father. What excited me is that we are igniting a fire within young minds and hearts at an early age. Now my vision and my passion for this county is big, I want to work hard to give every boy an opportunity to experience Dream Chasers. I believe whatever the impact of this program will create a solid foundation or map and compass if you will, that will help them find those dreams and chase them.

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