Welcome to our free home programming. We’re here to help during this difficult time, so please help yourself to any and everything that we have. And, if there’s anything else we can do or if you want to learn more or just reach out to us, use the CONNECT button at the top and we would love to hear from you.

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Each day we will provide a free lesson taken directly from one of our new classroom workbooks.

Classroom Workbooks

Lessons from our classroom workbooks focus on personal development. We work with kids to develop a healthy understanding of value, belief in their unique purpose and potential, and awareness of the tools they have to face life's challenges that are trying to stop them from chasing their dreams.


Each day we will provide a free page of fun challenges to engage kids in thinking and doing.


A key part of our program is fun. Through fun activities and challenges we engage kids, and as they engage and have fun they also build confidence, and confidence is a huge key to personal growth.


Each day we will provide a couple of free opportunities for kids to work on something personally productive.

Personal Growth

Our goal is for every kid to grow into their best them. By reflecting on and valuing who they are, by knowing what they want to do, by realizing the challenges they are facing, and by understanding how to face their challenges, our kids will overcome those challenges and do big things in life.