After School Dream Chaser Program

PRogram description

Our enrichment program is an after school 6-week activity based character development program for groups up to 20 students. The program serves 3-6th grade students and functions through a scripted curriculum comprised of fun games and challenges in conjunction with character development to build confidence regardless of skill and ability level, empowering Dream Chasers.

WHEN IT'S offered

  • 6 week after school program
  • 12 sessions (2 per week)
  • Offered for fall and spring
  • Sessions are 1 hour in length.
  • On site at school or community center location. 

Program components

  • Activity components consists of functional movement activities around speed, agility, strength, balance, and cardio elements that are embedded into fun and unique games and challenges.
  • Character development teaches youth to…
    • Be you. Dream Big – recognize and value your core identity and purpose (your dream)
    • Overcome – use your passion, team, and grit to overcome fear, obstacles, and failure.
    • Keep Chasing – develop habits to daily overcome and strive to reach your potential.
  • Each season for a chapter ends with a Dream Chaser Challenge obstacle course where all participants involved in the program attend and complete with their teammates. This is an ending that brings to life the message to participants that they can overcome their obstacles and chase their dreams. 


1. School Approval

Get approval from school admin. to offer program at your site and contact us to set up a time to talk.

2. Coaches

Require 2 volunteer coaches to lead a team at your school (staff, PTO/PTA, approved volunteers, male or female).

3. Materials Provided

We provide easy to follow curriculum, video support, and all materials to run a successful season to empower Dream Chasers at your site.

4. Season

We provide online registration for a two week period leading up to the season to allow for sign ups in preparation for the season at your site.