The Dream Chaser Challenge is our end of season obstacle course challenge. It is not a timed race. Instead, it is participants challenging the course in teams. It’s about working with each other, overcoming obstacles together, helping and encouraging, even linking arms at times. The Dream Chaser Challenge is designed for participants to recognize the importance of the right team around them in life and their ability to overcome obstacles and chase big dreams.

1-1.5 Mile Lap

10-12 Obstacles

Complete as a Team

Dream Chaser Swag

Food and Vendors

DJ Blasting Tunes


Program Participants:
All current teams from the Dream Chaser program are granted free participation in the end of season challenge as part of the normal programming provided.

Community Teams:
(currently available only in select locations)
Teams can be formed by parents, families, friends, school staff, business groups, gyms, etc., who want to engage in our challenge as a way to build team camaraderie and get behind our message of empowering kids to overcome their obstacles and chase their dreams.

$30 per participant on a community team.

Team sizes typically range between 4 and 12 people. 


Participants form teams to take on the obstacle course challenge together. Faces painted, Dream Chaser swag on, and a team flag in hand. The team works through the obstacles side-by-side, and at different points of the course huddle together to yell Dream Chasers. The course is designed to build team camaraderie and demonstrate that you can face and overcome your obstacles in pursuit of your dreams.

"THANK YOU for inspiring our son to accomplish his dream!"