Dream Chasers is always looking for awesome coaches to help instill our core beliefs. If you can coach with passion, team, and grit, we would love to welcome you to the team! A coach is the face of the program and we are honored by each coach’s dedication to the kids involved. Thank you in advance for the impact you will have and the traction you are giving to empower Dream Chasers. 

  • We provide an online training to complete at your convenience, a local in-person coaches’ meeting, all equipment for the program, an easy to follow scripted curriculum, and ongoing support throughout the season.
  • Coaches can be male or female, school staff, parents, or community volunteers. We even allow junior coaches (such as high school students) as long as there is still a lead adult coach in place at each session.
  • The commitment is for 1 hour, 2 days a week after school for 6 weeks(12 sessions), plus attending the Dream Chaser Challenge end of season event.
  • If 2 sessions a week is too much, find another volunteer to coach and you can rotate days with them. We just require two coaches at each session.
  • If you are not a staff member at the school, you must be on the approved school volunteer list.