In Dream Chasers Organization there are several ways that you can be involved in our efforts to empower youth to overcome their obstacles and chase their dreams. Here are our current available options.

Being a coach in our after school enrichment program creates that ability for youth to engage in a life changing opportunity and is the critical element to reach and impact as many youth as possible. Coaching through our program creates the opportunity to help youth build confidence and gain traction toward reaching for their greatness, to be Dream Chasers.

Coaches can be male of female, school staff, parents, or community volunteers. We even allow junior coaches(such as high school students) as long as there is still a lead coach in place for each session.

If you are not a staff member at the site, you must be on the approved school volunteer list by going through school and district requirements.

  • An easy to follow online training to complete before the season. 
  • A local in person coaches’ meeting for guidance and understanding.
  • All equipment to run program throughout the season. 
  • An easy to follow scripted curriculum with all session details included.
  • Ongoing support through videos for each session.

The commitment is for 1 hour, 2 days a week after school for 6 weeks(12 sessions), plus attending the Dream Chaser Challenge end of season event.

Being an event volunteer at our Dream Chaser Challenge allows the ability to impact participants and families throughout the community. This role is vital in helping create an incredible and uplifting experience for all in attendance and a powerful and fun opportunity to create a lasting impact through our youth.

Volunteers can be middle school age and up to help assist in our Dream Chaser Challenge events. If volunteer is under 16 years of age they will need to be accompanied by parent or guardian on site during their time of volunteering. Volunteers have the option of various roles in the event to help ensure a great experience for all in attendance.

  • Set up and tear down crew
  • Welcome crew
  • Start and finish line crew
  • Field marshals located at obstacles for guidance and assistance
  • All volunteers are communicated with clearly and consistently leading up to the event with all details pertaining to roles, agenda, and expectations.
  • Volunteers receive a volunteer shirt for event to keep.

The event lasts 2-3 hours with the expectation of arrival a hour beforehand to huddle together and go through details and answer any questions before event starts. We ask that volunteers hang around for about 30 minutes after the event is over to help with clean up so that we can leave the facility better than we found it.

Set up crew is a separate role. Volunteers are not limited to only set up roles and are still welcome to participate in event function. Set up crew typically is a 3 hour commitment prior to the event. In some cases this is the evening before the event occurs or the morning of the event.