Why Dream Chasers?

There are a lot of great organizations doing a lot of great things. So, what about us? What are we doing that’s so important?

1) We are facing a growing list of challenges.

Unfortunately, our youth are facing a growing list of challenges that are only growing statistically. Simply read through a list of what we all know are common issues for any child to face in our current times:
  • Depression – Up in adolescents from 8% in 2007 to 13% in 2017.
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Anxiety, Stress, Academic Pressure, Pressure to Perform, Peer Pressure, Time Management
  • Social Media, Screen Time, On-Screen Violence, Drugs & Alcohol, Sexual Activity
  • Obesity, Body Image, Identity Issues
  • COVID 19, Pandemic
  • Systemic Racism, Political Division, Riots
  • School Shootings
  • Divorce, Split Families
  • Abuse

2) We build a strong foundation to face any challenge.

The overriding mission of Dream Chasers is to develop a healthy foundation in individuals so they are prepared to face any challenge.

So, whether a challenge is past, present, or future (it happened, it is happening, or it will happen), we want youth to be equipped to handle it all, which in turn will empower them to overcome it and move forward successfully.

We work with youth so they have concrete terms to recognize and express the challenges they are facing as well as tangible tools they are aware of to face those challenges. That is what we’re all about – challenges and tools – all to help an individual be their best them.

Every youth deserves the chance to be their best – confident, capable, responsible, good, kind, passionate, motivated, and determined. We believe in them, and we work to help them believe in themselves.

3) We have a vision to support any youth in any setting.

We firmly believe that our message is something that everyone needs to hear. We believe every single person, regardless of background, ethnicity, race, gender, socioeconomic situation, health, ANYTHING, can benefit from what we are saying. 

It comes back to what we believe – that every youth is who they are supposed to be and that gives them immeasurable value, that based on who they are they have their dream to chase, that they have the potential to chase their dream, and that they need our support (and your support) to teach them about the challenges they will encounter in life and how they can face and overcome those challenges.

Because of what we believe, our vision is to be able to serve any youth in any setting. That is why we have a variety of programs and will continue to create more. We know that we have find ways to get our message into the hands of a youth in any situation.