Staff & Executive Board

Founder & Chief Dream Chaser

Stephen Vaughn

Stephen Vaughn, Founder & Chief Dream Chaser
Stephen Vaughn, a husband, a father, and a former Physical Education teacher of nearly 10 years embarked on the ultimate dream chasing journey of creating Dream Chasers Organization. 

“Empowering more kids to pursue their dreams and learning what it takes to do so has become something that burns inside of me. I think this world needs more Dream Chasers and this program is without a doubt creating more traction for kids to do so.”

Stephen is also the co-author of a book called How To Catch A Star.

VP of Operations

Jason Pavelchak

Jason Pavelchak taught in Charlotte, NC for 11 years. During his teaching career, Jason was National Board Certified as well as a Smart Exemplary Educator. He was recognized as teacher of the year and was involved in multiple leadership roles. Jason coached the pilot season of Xcel 2 Fitness in the fall of 2011 and within a year was helping to write the curriculum. His passion to impact more kids to chase their dreams and see Dream Chasers grow across the nation pulled him out of teaching in June, 2016, to take on his current role with the organization.

Jason is also the author of a book called Emily Hopkins and the Unspeakable Book as well as co-author of a book called How To Catch A Star.


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Amy Stevens

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