2011  -     55 2012  -   556 2013  -  1,100 2014  -  1,801 2015  -  2,621 2016  -  3,703 2017  -  4,849 2018  -  6,175 Dream Chasers Reached


In May, Stephen Vaughn lost his father to a fight with cancer shortly after graduating college and entering his teaching career.



While teaching at an elementary school on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC, Stephen Vaughn recognized an avenue to channel his pain and passion and impact kids to chase their dreams.


Work began to develop our first curriculum to scale reach.


The program shifted from a summer camp option to an after school option when a scripted curriculum was finalized. On June 21, Xcel 2 Fitness was officially formed and that fall launched in 3 elementary schools, serving boys in 3rd-5th grade.


Xcel 2 Fitness had expanded into multiple states and impact was growing. To meet growth and mission objectives, Xcel 2 Fitness filed to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


On January 7, Xcel 2 Fitness International was declared a fully accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Xcel 2 Fitness launched its 10th chapter, further spreading the impact across the nation and surpassing 6,000 youth reached.


Xcel 2 Fitness switched their name to Dream Chasers to better display the heart and mission of the organization. This change also created the needed pathway for program development that included girls, and simply made a way for the organization to make an even greater impact on kids across the nation.


Dream Chasers expanded programming under the vision to reach any kid in any setting to begin serving beyond after school programming and into classroom and virtual based learning, at home (spark) personal development programming, and summer camp opportunities.