OUR MISSION IS to empower kids to overcome their obstacles and chase their dreams.

Dream Chasers works with kids of all skill and ability levels to help them see that their dreams can be reached, that their passion can overcome fear, that with support they can overcome obstacles, and that their grit can overcome failure along the journey of life.

We want more kids to be passionate about their potential and to build their confidence so they are empowered to chase big dreams. This is a program focused on teaching boys and girls to see the importance of finding their passion, building the right team around them, and developing the grit to take on the obstacles in their path.

We believe IN...


Every kid has a dream to chase and the potential to chase it.


We face challenges in life that have the potential to overwhelm purpose.



Overcoming challenges is a critical life skill that needs to be learned.




We build confidence so a child recognizes their self-worth, believes they can overcome, and has hope in reaching for their dreams.

7580 - Individual Training


We teach a child to recognize obstacles for what they are, learn how to face them, and get experience overcoming them.



We empower a child so they believe their life matters, are engaged to live each day with a purpose, and can chase their dreams.

Our Dream Chaser Code

It is not easy to chase a dream.

Fear, obstacles, and failure are all real,

But so are my passion, my team, and my grit.

And my passion is greater.

And my team is greater.

And my grit is greater.

I am a Dream Chaser. I chase greatness.

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